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    Islamic Income Funds

    For investors who prefer long term wealth generation and capital gain with an objective to invest in medium to long-term income instruments as well as short-tenor money market instruments to generate superior, long-term, risk-adjusted returns in accordance with Shariah practices.

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    Islamic Money Market Funds

    For investors seeking maximum possible preservation of capital by investing in low risk and liquid Shariah Compliant instruments in accordance with Shariah Compliant Islamic Money Market Category.

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    Islamic Equity Fund

    For investors seeking to generate long term capital growth through actively managed portfolio in accordance with Shariah Compliant Islamic Equity Category.

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    Funds Prices

    Fund Name Offer Prices (PKR) Repurchase Prices (PKR) Date
    Pak-Qatar Asset Allocation Plan IIA (PQAAP IIA) 116.3383 112.5237 15-04-2023
    Pak-Qatar Asset Allocation Plan IA (PQAAP IA) 113.5933 109.8687 15-04-2024
    Pak-Qatar Islamic Income Fund (Pak-Qatar Monthly Income Plan) 104.5562 101.1279 08-04-2024
    Pak-Qatar Islamic Income Fund (Pak-Qatar Income Plan) 121.7899 117.7965 15-04-2024
    Pak-Qatar Islamic Income Fund (Pak-Qatar Khalis Bachat Plan) 121.1805 117.2071 15-04-2024
    Pak-Qatar Islamic Cash Fund (Pak-Qatar Islamic Cash Plan) 121.5204 117.5359 16-04-2024
    Pak-Qatar Islamic Cash Fund (Pak-Qatar Daily Dividend Plan) 103.3900 100.0000 16-04-2024

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